Forty Years…. (40 Years?)…. (40 ‘Effin’ YEARS!?)

It seems like only yesterday...

That is an entire lifetime with you, especially when considering that I was an innocent lad of minus twelve years old (-12) when we met at that Valentine’s day dance in 1980. I had noticed you before but it wasn’t until we met that night that I was irretrievable lost to your feminine wiles. Good thing too, because I cannot envision any version of my life that does not have you, front and center. While I don’t believe in any omniverse, multiverse, or alternate reality theories, if they WERE real, then THIS would be the best of all worlds for me, although perhaps, not so much for you. After all, I got YOU; all you got….was me.

Although our partnership became official on November 20, 1981 (hence….40 years as of this publication date), our life together began at that Valentine’s day dance on February 16, 1980. The world has greatly changed since then and yet, it really hasn’t changed at all.

In 1980, the Mariel boatlift was about to begin (everyone had such high hopes that this would bring about regime change), communism was on the move (again) in the East, Islamic terrorists were holding hostages and embarrassing the U.S., a U.S. president was trying hard to drive the U.S. into the ground, and the evil known as Disco was close to being defeated.

Fast forward to today: We’re still hoping for regime change in Cuba, communism is still going strong in the East (and elsewhere), Islamic terrorists are still embarrassing the U.S., another U.S. president is trying to drive the U.S. into the ground, and, while Disco may be dead, the mind-numbing monotonous rantings, upchucks, and ravings that pass for music today make me wish for the return of Disco; this last thought makes me throw up in my mouth!

During that time we’ve welcomed into our hearts sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends-for-life, and grandchildren. We’ve also said goodbye to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and best friends.

We’ve watched our children grow; we’ve dressed their scraped knees and comforted their heartaches; we’ve watched them mature, set out on their own path, and start their own families.

It was a struggle…and a joy (“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”) but I think they turned out rather well in spite of our clueless parenting approach. Through our children and our adopted children, we’ve ushered in the next “Greatest Generation”, with familial bonds that cannot be broken by today’s relativistic culture. Their unity, together with their cousins and family, is a force to be reckoned with. The ‘world’ (in the biblical sense) will never cease its assault but our family will not succumb, they will be defiantly standing tall on the ramparts with both middle fingers proudly raised.

They are the best of us and my pride knows no bounds.

Now what?

Now, having completed our first 40-year journey, it’s time to begin our second 40-year journey. Hopefully, we’ll have as much or perhaps even more fun than the first time. Also, when we complete our second 40-year journey, we’ll finally reach retirement age and relax!

Eye Wuvz U TT.


Hey! Dis Is Our Song!

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  1. You are my only, sweetest, truest, for ever love. I can’t imagine my life without you either and am grateful for the the many blessings we have received, especially for a growing family, our greatest pride and joy. I look forward to the next chapter where we will continue to enjoy our life together surrounded by our family, enjoying our beautiful grandchildren, the greatest reward of our love. Te amo mi Tutti ❤️

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