Greetings and Salutations from the virtual mind of 2a!

This website has been in existence for about fifteen years and has been dormant for most of that time. Now after all this time, I’ve decided to ‘get off my butt’ and do something with it. What motivated me to overcome my lethargy and create something? There are several reasons but I’ve distilled them down to two:

1) It seemed that everybody I know has a ‘Facebook’ presence except me; I too want to clutter cyberspace with inane banter and useless posts (I’m sure everyone will be very interested in the quality of my bowel movements). I’m reluctant to have a ‘Facebook’ presence because either no one will want to be my friend (I don’t take rejection well) or people from my past that I’ve successfully avoided will know where to find me (the folks from the Witness Protection Program will not be pleased).

 2) After years of watching and listening to pundits and experts prattle on and on about political, sociological and economic issues with such airs of authority, the economic and sociological meltdown that has befallen us has made it clear to me that they didn’t (and don’t) have a clue about anything except cashing a paycheck. This leads me to believe that I too can expound philosophically on any and all matters since I too, am clueless.

So, on these pages, I will offer my opinion on topics of current interest and I invite you to comment; given my somewhat non-mainstream view of the universe, I expect the comments to range from “way to go, tutti!” to “get a clue, douchebag!”.

Current comments will be posted in the “Featured Story” section and I will try to have a new post every week (I recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when new posts appear). I also invite you to check out the “About” section to learn more about me.

Again, welcome to all.